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Me-609 Nachtjäger

Katalogové číslo: 92198

3 obtiskové verze

1. Me-609 Nachtjäger, NJG2, Luftwaffe 1943, Alternate marking

2. Me-609 Nachtjäger, NJG100, Luftwaffe 1944, Alternate marking

3. Me-609 Nachtjäger, NJG1, Luftwaffe 1943, Alternate marking

The Messerschmitt Me 609 was a project which joined two fuselages of the Me 309 fighter prototype with a new centre wing section together to form a heavy fighter. This project was developed in response to a 1941 RLM requirement for a new Zerstörer to replace the Bf 110 in a short time and a minimum cost. Messerschmitt's response was the Me 609, which would use the Me 309 project to form the basis of the new fighter. Very unusual was four-wheel arrangement. The Me 609 would have had its cockpit in the port fuselage, the starboard being smoothed over. Two versions were planned, a heavy fighter with four or six MK 108 cannons, and a Schnellbomber variant with two 30 mm MK 108 cannons and a bomb load of 1,000 kg carried beneath the fuselages.




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